Wed, 30 Oct 2013, 10.00am @ SR1: Daniel Ng on “Impacts of climate change on Singapore amphibians”

Daniel NgPhD Defense Seminar cum Oral Examination
Impacts of climate change on Singapore amphibians

Ng Jia Jun Daniel
Graduate Student
Dept. of Biological Sciences, NUS

Wed, 30 Oct 2013: 10.00am
@ DBS Seminar Room 1, S2 Level 4
Supervisor: Asst Prof Bickford, David Patrick

All are welcome


“Amphibians are the most threatened of all vertebrate groups and climate change has been partially implicated to their disappearance. Temperature increase and increased rainfall variability are particularly detrimental to them as a result of their unique life history and physiology. Tropical amphibians are especially vulnerable as they are believed to be close to their physiological limits and a small temperature increase will exceed their thermal safety margin. In my study, I assessed which species are most vulnerable to climate change; determined whether drastic declines are also occurring locally; investigated warming vulnerability between different amphibian communities; ascertained the individual effect of elevated temperature and its interactive effect with low pH.

The main findings suggest that while some species may be more tolerant than previously hypothesised, others appear to be vulnerable. In addition, synergistic interaction between high temperature and low pH can reduce survival. These findings will have implications on their future survival and how conservation efforts should be directed towards them.”


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