Nalini on an Early Mobility Postdoctoral Fellowship with Scott Pitnick at Syracuse University

Nalini writes,

“I am currently on a new postdoc at Syracuse University in upstate New York. I applied for and was awarded an Early Mobility Postdoctoral Fellowship by the Swiss National Science Foundation to pursue research with Dr. Scott Pitnick.

I’ll be working on post-copulatory sexual selection and speciation, in particular, using transgenic flies to resolve mechanisms of competitive fertilisation.

This means engineering sepsis flies with GFP and RFP tagged sperm heads and using them to document sperm-female interactions in vivo among populations of the widespread species, Sepsis punctum that are likely undergoing incipient speciation.”

This means she will still be collecting cow dung in some field some where, some time!

nalini collecting dung

Syracuse looks lovely!

Syracuse University

Check out her webpage too!

Nalini Puniamoorthy

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