Job: Part-time field assistant for civet radio-tracking study (Jan-Feb 2014, part-time thereafter)

Civet Portsdown GenevieveYeo2013

Field research assistant required to help radio-track civets throughout Singapore primarily in the Central Catchment. This data is for a study investigating factors affecting the translocation of native civet species in Singapore.

Period: 02 Jan 2014 – 20 Feb 2014.
Part-time thereafter.

Job Scope

  1. Record the telemetry signals from translocated radio collared civets on weekday mornings (1 to 3 sites to be visited each day depending on where the animals are located).
  2. Aid in collection of data on travel and location of civets


  1. NUS student or affiliate
  2. Responsible and able to work independently under strenuous field conditions.
  3. Familiar with locations around the central catchment parks and other wooded areas in Singapore.
  4. Able to travel independently to various study sites. Ownership or access to a vehicle required. Some travel will be on dirt roads.
  5. Excellent physical condition. Able to walk and hike long distances. Good hearing.
  6. Knowledge of use of a compass a plus.
  7. Able to commit to 5 days of work 8 hour days from 02 Jan 2014 through to 20 Feb 2014
  8. Work will decline to one day per week until June or July.

Interested applicants, please email your CV to

Christina P. Colon, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
Kingsborough Community College

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