Volunteer field assistants for research projects in biodiversity and ecology

During undergraduate classes, it is evident that students with at least a little field experience are much more aware of nature areas and natural history issues in Singapore and how to handle themselves in the field.

It is quite the difference, so how do you transform yourself?

Well, we are providing you with an opportunity to help field researchers – our honours and UROPS students need help with a variety of work in the field including projects with the common palm civet, mangrove horseshoe crab, long-tailed macaques and birds.

I recommend this as a great way to learn about biodiversity and ecology. While helping them, you will gain exposure to field work, learn about nature areas in Singapore and appreciate how science is conducted in the field. You will also be privy to some eye-opening conversations.

All you have to do is sign up with the form at: http://tinyurl.com/hons-fieldwork

This is open to undergraduates and ‘A’ level students awaiting results, but anyone can apply.

The research students will contact you once you register.

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