Calling EVB Honours students: Stand by poster at the Evening of Biodiversity! (Wed 16 Apr 2014 @ LT25)

Dear honours students,

You must be celebrating after submitting your thesis!

20140411 Germaine thesis complete

Well, now we want to share your work with the community at large, and have them hear from you directly!

If you can stand by poster at the Evening of Biodiversity [advert] on Wed 16th Apr 2014: 6.00pm at LT25, sign up here: by Monday morning and then turn up at LT25 next Wednesday at 5.30pm.

We picked this date actually because you would have a very strong grasp of your subject matter now and would have cleared most assignments deadlines by now!

This will be a good occasion to awareness about research and labs in the department – 177 people have registered so far and about 35% are students. We expect to welcome some 200 people eventually. We will email participants the list of posters and share this information here on the NUS Biodiversity Crew webpage.

You will also be asked to indicate if interested to share your posters at these events:

  1. Faculty of Science Open House (May; at Lab 7),
  2. Alumni Day (June; Lab 7)
  3. Festival of Biodiversity (July)

These are LKCNHM Toddycats will be a great opportunity to communicate about science.

We do not do this every year, so it would be great opportunity for this cohort come and enjoy the interaction and atmosphere at this event.



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