Job: Intern/part-time student assistants for common palm civet research project (deadline: 20 Jan 2015)

Project description: The diet and ecological role of the common palm civet in Pulau Ubin.
An intern or part-time student assistant is required in the first half of 2015.

Common palm civet  FTK
Photo by Fung Tze Kwan

Job Scope

  1. Sorting of common palm civet scats and identification of diet items.
  2. Preservation and storage of processed samples.
  3. Data entry.
  4. Assistance in field work and logistics e.g. radio-tracking and camera trapping as required.

Applicant should be:

  1. Meticulous, responsible and careful with samples.
  2. Training will also be provided but experience in sorting is helpful.
  3. Self-motivated and able to work independently.
  4. Able to work on weekends, at night or overnight for the field component.
  5. Part-time student assistant applicants have to be able to commit at least two days (16 hours) a week.
  6. Intern applicants have to be able to commit to a 3 – 6 months period.
  7. Standard student assistant hourly rates apply.

To apply, please send a cover letter and CV to N. Sivasothi at by 20th January 2015.
Shortlisted applicants will be notified for the interview by end–January 2015.

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