Thu 16 Apr 2015: 3.00pm – Joshua Koh on “The ecology and management of Sus scrofa vittatus in CCNR”

NUS DBS Qualifying Exam

The ecology and management of Sus scrofa vittatus in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve of mainland Singapore

Joshua Koh Jun Min
Graduate Student,
Dept. of Biological Sciences, NUS

Thu 16  April 2015: 3.00pm     

Conference Room 2
S1, Level 3, mezzanine (access via S2-03)
Department of Biological Sciences
Science Drive 4
National University of Singapore

Supervisor: David Bickford

Abstract – The banded pig, Sus scrofa vittatus, in the absence of natural predators and hunting pressures, is hypothesized to be hyper-abundant within Singapore’s forests. Their high densities pose a threat to Singapore’s already disturbed forest ecosystems and increases the risk of human-animal conflicts. Despite being a native animal, its role within Singapore’s forest ecosystems has not been fully understood yet. Therefore, there is a need for estimating the absolute abundance of Sus scrofa vittatus and quantifying its effects in Singapore’s forests.

The proposed method is to analyse data, obtained from camera trapping, with a recently developed Spatial Capture-Recapture (SCR) model that overcomes most of the problems encountered by traditional capture-recapture models. Additionally, an exclusion plot study is proposed to quantify both positive and negative impacts the pigs have in Singapore’s forests.

All are welcome!

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