Job: Part-time research field assistant in Small Mammals, Nov 2015 – Mar 2016

Job Description: Research Field Assistant – Small Mammals
Duration: November 2015 – March 2016
Position: Part time – hours based, remuneration depends on qualification.

Summary of job duties: The successful applicant will join a team of researchers investigating the role of small mammals in the transmission of pathogens in Singapore. Field work will involve setting up traps for small mammals in different sites in Singapore, checking and baiting the traps twice daily and collecting environmental variables. This applicant will also have a chance to handle the animals, and collect biological samples from them. The applicant will assist to transport the samples back to Duke-NUS and update any records and databases of the collections. Hours will vary based on the number of animals trapped and location accessibility. The field work require an early start (7am).
The successful candidate will undergo a health inspection from OSHE at NUS, be given the appropriate vaccinations, and will take an animal care and handling class. This candidate will also be trained in all field required techniques.

Requirements: Looking for a team player with a background in ecology who is willing to contribute to a unique island-wide project and is interested in gaining research experience. Must enjoy working outside, be physically fit (field work involves moderate labor), not be afraid of animals, be very flexible with working hours, have good communication and interpersonal skills. Past animal or laboratory experience is useful. Possession of a class 3 driver’s license is also beneficial.

To apply please write to:
Erica Sena Neves
Signature Research Program – Emerging Infectious Diseases,
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School

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