Job: Research Assistant position in conservation science modelling (deadline: 20 May 2016)

Applications are invited for the position of a full time Research Assistant position on projects related to conservation science: bioeconomic modelling, land-use change and sustainability modelling.

An ideal candidate will demonstrate good critical thinking and independence in carrying out project tasks. With support from other team members, they will be exposed to multiple conservation science projects and expected to learn a range of modelling techniques with a strong focus on statistics and GIS.

This position would be ideal for individuals with a medium term plan of pursuing PhD studies in related disciplines.

The RA would have either a degree in ecology, geography, environmental sciences, environmental economics or related disciplines. Applicants with degrees in statistics, mathematics, physics, engineering or computing are also encouraged to apply.

The position is initially for one year with the possibility of extension to another year.

The salary is $3,000 per month (US$2,132) and includes medical benefits. CPF for Singaporean nationals are in addition to the salary.

Please send your CV including a section describing your quantitative skills, software you are familiar with and previous research work conducted using these skills (cover letter is not needed).

The successful applicant will join the BioEcon Lab at the Department of Biological Sciences of the National University of Singapore. The Department of Biological Sciences has over 60 faculty and 300 graduate students. Facilities and research support are world-class and the university and department are highly regarded internationally.

Closing date for applications: 20 May 2016 (please email

L. Roman Carrasco, PhD
Assistant Professor in Conservation Science
Department of Biological Sciences
National University of Singapore
14 Science Drive 4, 117543, Singapore


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