PhD Defense Seminar cum Oral Examination: 11 April 2017, Tuesday, 10am (Zarina Zainul / Assoc Prof Peter A Todd), DBS Conference Room

PhD Defense Seminar cum Oral ExaminationZarina

The Ecology of Early Fouling Biofilms on Antifouling Surfaces in a Tropical Marine Environment

Speaker:         Zarina Zainul (Graduate Student Dept. of Biological Sciences, NUS)
Date:              11 April 2017, Tuesday
Time:              10am
Venue:           DBS Conference Room (S3 Level 3)
Supervisor:    Assoc Prof Peter Alan, Todd

All are welcome

Abstract – 

“Fouling, or the unwanted accumulation of organisms, affects marine activities like shipping and desalination, and usually begins with the formation of biofilms. My work investigates biofilm fouling from both ecology, as well as applied, antifouling perspectives. This study is the first to look at marine biofilms of tropical Southeast Asia and characterize them by microscopy and next-generation sequencing (NGS). Tropical seasonality and surface type were strong drivers behind changes in bacterial composition. Bacterial biofilms were also shown to interact with both other biofilm microorganisms (diatoms) and macrofouling organisms (tubeworms). Two novel materials with antibiofilm performance were also identified. This understanding of environmental biofilms and its interaction with other marine organisms can inform both antifouling and restoration ecology solutions.”

All are welcome

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