[Job] Avian Fieldwork Research Assistants needed from 05 Feb to 05 Mar 2019 [submit by 21 Jan 2019]

Gelbwangenkakadu 8559

Researchers from The University of Hong Kong are seeking 2 Research Assistants for 4 weeks of fieldwork, from February 5-March 5 2019 in Singapore (including weekends), for the project:

“Population assessment and assessment of ecological niche of the critically endangered Cacatua sulphurea in Singapore”

RA duties will include assistance with:

  • Nest focal watches
  • Observing behaviours of birds around nest hole sites
  • Field identification of local plant / bird species
  • Habitat transects

Basic training for these activities will be provided. Hours will be 7am-12noon and 3pm-6pm daily, weekends included. With the support of Wildlife Reserves Singapore, we are able to provide a per diem rate of SGD 75.

Applicants must be living in Singapore and have the following skills:

  • Good communication skills
  • Proactive attitude
  • Strong knowledge of plant and bird species local to Singapore
  • Good fitness condition

Interested parties please send an email with basic information and experience to alexast@hku.hk by January 21, 2019.

Astrid Andersson, HKU
Dr Caroline Dingle, HKU
Dr Jess Lee, WRS


Image from Wikipedia by J. Patrick Fischer

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