Job: Full-time or part-time position of Research Assistant (Oct – Dec 2019) at CIL (possible extension)

The Centre for International Law, NUS, is looking for a Research Assistant for a multi-disciplinary research project on marine international law and policy, marine sciences and pollution from marine plastics

Full-time or part-time position of Research Assistant

This is a 3-months position starting 1 Oct 2019-31 Dec 2019 to support completion of the research project under a grant from UN Environment through the Coordinating Body for the Seas of East Asia (COBSEA).

This grant is designed to support the development of an East Asian Seas Regional Node (RNSEA) of the GPML (Global Partnership on Marine Litter). It is based on a initial research project which resulted in a report: “A review of research on marine plastics in Southeast Asia: Who does what?” [link]

This position will involve:

  1. Support to the development of deliverables in the project with particular tasks to be defined for each by the team;
  2. Study of different research streams and proposals to combat pollution from marine plastics;
  3. Liaising with marine scientists and network design experts;
  4. Organisation for and participation to SEA of solutions in Bangkok, November 2019

This position is opened to 4th-year students and graduates with the following skills and experience: 

  • Preferred degrees: Bachelor or graduate degree including the study of international public law, public policy and public affairs, international relations, marine sciences and/or geography in the context of environmental sustainability;
  • Rigourous research and analytical skills;
  • Excellent communication skills / simple drafting style suitable for policy reports to be read by non-experts;
  • Solid experience in policy analysis in the context of issues of sustainability, climate change and marine conservation;
  • Ability to work independently and understand the needs of different stakeholder groups.

There is a possibility of extending this 3-months long position to one year or more for other projects in marine environmental law, policy and science. Send your CV and statement of interest to, project lead.

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