Jobs: Two Research Assistant positions in wildlife trade with Roman Carassco

A/Prof Roman Carassco (NUS DBS) is inviting applications for two Research Assistant positions to work on projects related to wildlife trade: (i) wildlife trade demand reduction of saiga (Saiga tatarica) horn and (ii) population modelling of species involved in traditional Chinese medicine.

The research assistant positions will involve: (i) behavioural intervention survey design and statistical analysis; and (ii) geographic information systems and mathematical modelling of species population dynamics using historical data.

The applicants would have either a degree related to ecology, geography, environmental sciences, social sciences, economics, psychology or related disciplines.

  • The position is for two years and starts by March 2023.
  • The salary is $3,500 per month and includes medical benefits. CPF for Singaporean nationals are in addition to the salary.
  • One of the positions would involve spending 4-6 months at the University of Oxford with collaborators.

Please send your CV to before the 20th of January 2023 including a section describing your quantitative skills and previous research work. A cover letter is not necessary.

The successful applicant will join the BioEcon Lab ( at the Department of Biological Sciences of the National University of Singapore.


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