Young single male seeks 700 undergrads!

If you happen to be 18 – 25 years old…

… and happen to be around Lecture Theatre 24 and 25 in NUS…


…and see this poor guy hovering around a makeshift booth…

…so step forward and say “hi”, and volunteer five minutes of your time. He needs 700 volunteers willing to play a simple computer game. The outcome of this research exercise? Well for once, it will determine if he graduates with an MSc degree!

This exercise involves the volunteer in the role of a “predator” hunting virtual prey, against a complex background. This project will help identify the interaction between prey and background patterns which contribute to the evolution of camouflage protection. Read about his ravings here to learn more.

Marine Bio Lab: New members

They are actually not new, they have joined the lab for a couple of months. (Yours truly has been procastinating to write this entry…)


Lionel Ng joined TMSI since October as a research assistant. He is based in Marine Bio lab under the supervision of Prof Chou.

(Photo removed, sorry Diana~)

Diana Neo is also an RA based in marine bio lab, working on a joint project with NParks.


Yan Xiang is the newest catch recruit of marine bio lab + TMSI, supervised by Dr Peter Todd.

All of them were graduated from NUS class of 2008… And coincidentally, all of them did their honors project in marine bio lab! Who says bio students can’t find job? 😉

Marine Bio Lab super cleanup

In case you still don’t know what was the smell that dominated the S1 & S2 building at 31/07/2008 (Thursday), it was coming from the fridge of the field store!

20+ people joined the Marine Bio Lab’s SUPER cleanup yesterday, and successfully tidied up the lab, the (ultra stinky) field store and the dive store! Kudos to the lab’s members!

A little bit of sidelines:
– Terrapin blood stinks, badly…
– More than 3 types of air refreshers, together with N95 masks, were used to make the cleaners staying alive!
– About 7-truck-trip of rubbish was dumped!

Small store…

Supports BIG diversity (and abundance)!

Frozen Freezer… Please use chisel to open…

Essential materials for cleaning…

How to clean a stinking fridge (without wearing mask!) – Abby

Thank you (the bosses) for the KFC, it’s “licking finger” good!