New RA in town!

Some of you might have noticed a new face along the corridors of S2 nowadays. Tall, handsome, sometimes bearded and sometimes not, this latest addition to the DBS community can commonly be found along the first floor of our block. Hailing all the way from South America, Brazil, Diego Pitta de Araujo (pronounced Jhi-eh-go Pita dey Ah-ra-oo-jhou) is the new Research Assistant in the Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology Lab. He has recently completed his Msc from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, working on jumping spiders, and is now at our sunny island to embark on a project of a more interdiscplinary nature – Nanostructures of UV colour in arthropods.

Besides spiders, Diego is also keen on other arachnids, as well as animal behaviour, ecology and systematics. His interests branch into epistemology (the philosophy of science), aesthetics (the philosphy of art), and even the fine arts (drawing, painting, sculpting, etc). Most importantly, if you’re ever looking for a fervent discussion on evolution, just get him inebriated. 😛

So do say hi to Diego if you see him along the corridors, and feel free to introduce him to any local hangouts/foods/slang/whatever else you can think of. As Diego says: Eu amo Cingapura! (I love Singapore!), so do make your acquaintance when you see him!

Spiderman’s gone!

The spiderman is ballooning off! What i mean is, Dr Li Daiqin will be leaving for his year long sabbatical come 1st Sept. He’ll be dropping on a dragline to the Down Under, as well as making his way to more temperate regions. So who says spiders can’t migrate?

Here’s a lab photo to commemorate the Arachnid Lab and its new spiderlings.

Bon voyage, Dr Li!