About the Biodiversity & Ecology Journal Club
The meetings of the Biodiversity & Ecology Journal Club are organised for and by the biodiversity postgraduate students of the Department of Biological Sciences at the National University of Singapore. Everyone is welcome for these meetings.

If you wish to be kept appraised of the meetings of the Biodiversity Journal Club, join the Ecotax List. We will also post notice of these meetings here.

Coordinator: N. Sivasothi

Information required for a seminar / action by host

Dear speaker,

We would like to ensure that maximum notification about a talk is provided to the biodiversity community in Singapore, and that enough information is available to the reader. This helps us plan and adequately publicise the seminar with posters, e-newsletter and webpage announcements, so please supply this information early. We try not to miss an opportunity to hear about your work when we get the chance and would like to afford others the opportunity too!

Information required:

  1. A title
  2. A short paragraph “About the speaker”.
  3. The speaker’s affiliation (Institution) and/or country.
  4. A short paragraph “About the talk” (abstract).
  5. High-resolution relevant images of the study subject or site.
  6. 5. A photo of the speaker.

Host checklist

  1. Check the department schedule, e.g.:
    • avoid clashes biodiversity practicals – graduate students may be teaching,
    • do not use the Friday 4-5 pm departmental seminar slot,
    • avoid clases with SBG and NBRC seminars where possible.
  2. Secure a location preferably DBS Conference Room (Block S3) or an SR (Block S2) via Sally Soh.
  3. Confirm the date with the speaker once venue and date are secured.
  4. Receive the text and photos for publicity; process and send to:
    • Yong An Nee (department poster),
    • Chan Yee Ngoh (dept seminars email) and
    • Joelle Lai (Raffles Museum News)
    • N. Sivasothi (ecotax mailing list) – Ria Tan will post in WildSingapore

BEJC Alumni

  • Mar 2010 – Feb 2011 – Paul Chen & Thanh Son Nguyen (Systematics & Ecology Lab)
  • Mar 2009 – Feb 2010: Alison Wee (Applied Plant Ecology Lab) & Daniel Ng (Frog Lab)
  • Mar 2008 – Mar 2009: Qie Lan & Janice Lee (Conservation Bio Lab)
  • Feb 2007 – Feb 2008: Laura-Marie Yap Yen Ling & Eunice Tan Jing Mei (Spider Lab).
  • Feb 2006 – Jan 2007: Jose Christopher Medoza & Jeff Kwik (Syst. & Eco. Lab)
  • Jan 2004 – Feb 2006: Norman Lim (Syst. & Eco. Lab) & Mary Rose Posa (Consvn. Biol. Lab).
  • Oct 2003 – Jan 2004: Jeremy Woon & Andrew Than (Spider Lab)
  • Dec 2002 – Oct 2003: Lim Cheng Puay (Hon. Syst. & Eco. Lab) & Matthew Lim (Spider Lab)
  • Aug 2001 – Dec 2002: Zeehan Jaafar (Reef Ecology Lab) & Chang Ying (Cryptogam Lab.)
  • Jul 2000 – Mar 2001: Farida Binte Yusuf (Cryptogam Lab.)

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