A Chat about Research in NUS Biological Sciences (Mon 25 Sep 2017: 6.30pm @ S2-04 SR1)


The event is an informal discussion about research in NUS that might be useful for students thinking ahead toward internship, UROPS, FYP, or graduate studies.

Three graduate students, representing research labs in Environmental Biology & Biomedical Sciences will share their research experiences.

Join them on Mon 25 Sep 2017: 6.30pm – 7.30pm @ S2-04 Seminar Room 1 (Blk S2 Level 4)

Do indicate your interest so that we know how many students to expect – tinyurl.com/chalk2017.

If you have any other queries, feel free to email Jerome Kok (jeromekok@u.nus.edu).

The Mangrove Crab Crew clear a gill net, rescue horseshoe crabs @ Mandai Besar

It’s been a long time since we took a long hard look at the crabs scuttling in the mangroves. There have been name changes, new species and other updates to the taxonomy and habitat changes as well. So three 3rd year students, Lee Bee Yan, Jessica Ker and Wong Ze Lin are taking up the challenge with crab taxonomist Ng Ngan Kee and myself. Their explorations of Mandai mangroves have only just begun.

A month ago, I had left behind a section of the gill net in Mandai Besar mangrove, too exhausted to remove the entire section of what was 200 metres of gill net, long abandoned. The net was bundled around a pole and the mangrove crab crew were asked if they would take look while I stayed back in campus, setting up a lab for the next day.

To my delight, after their research component of their field trip today was over, the very tired trio recovered the net after first rescuing and releasing four horseshoe crabs. Exhausted, they forced themselves to trudge all the way to a nearby dumpster to dispose of the net – well done and welcome to an honourable tradition!

140Mandai Besar-06oct2010[CHIAIrenaeusPaul] (RGB)

Mamgrove Crab Crew
Introducing The Mangrove Crab Crew: Lee Bee Yan, Wong Ze Lin & Jessica Ker
Photos by fellow-undergrad Irenaeus Paul Chia

Amanda is looking for the Red Jungle Fowl, help her find some chickens!

Amanda Tan is compiling records of Red Jungle Fowl (Gallus gallus) sightings in Singapore. The bird isn’t always highlighted when seen and layman may not know the relevance of their sightings. So to prod them along, she has turned to Habitatnews to get the word out that she is on the hunt of the Red Jungle Fowl in Singapore!

Habitatnews - Amanda

You can send her records via the “Habitatnews: Records of Singapore’s fauna and flora” form at tinyurl.com/habitatnews-records. Pictures would be very helpful; please email her photos at habitatnews@sivasothi.com.

For help with differentiating the Red Jungle Fowl from the domestic chicken, see the Habitatnews entry.