Sea Anemone Workshop by Daphne Fautin, 15-21 June 2011

NUS students/staff are invited to attend this workshop by an excellent instructor and authoritative taxonomist, the world-reknown Professor Daphne Fautin, curator of invertebrate zoology at the Kansas University Biodiversity Institute and author of “Hexacorallians of the World“.

Immerse yourselves in the world of sea anemones for one week with lectures, field trips, practicals and discussions to enhance your grasp of marine life through an introduction to the actinarians. This is a comprehensive programme offered by TMSI & RMBR and they’ve waived the $600 course fees for a few places for NUS staff and students.

Sea Anemone Workshop by Daphne Fautin
15th – 21st June 2011
Organised by TMSI & RMBR
Click for details and the registration form.

  • Full-time participants – a few slots are available.
  • Part-time participants – 10 spaces are available.

Details on the tentative boat timings available on WildShores which explains how to join as a day participant for specific sessions.

Daphn Fautin

Daphn Fautin - in the field


We first met Daphne Fautin in Kansas in 2005 and since then, she’s come down several times to Singapore to study our fauna here (see her e.g. her mangrove trip in 2007) and has unravelled the mysteries of sea anemones. She is an engaging and informative teacher and this will be a treat!

Thanks to Aiani S, Ria Tan and Loh Kok Sheng for the photos.