TA Recruitment Semester 1

TAs are invited to apply for part-time teaching positions in the following modules for AY 2017/18 Semester I:

    • LSM1301 General Biology (EVB section)
    • LSM2251 Ecology and the Environment
    • LSM2252 Biodiversity
    • LSM3254 Ecology of Aquatic Environments
    • GEM1536/GET1020 Darwin and Evolution
    • SSS1207/GES1021 Natural Heritage of Singapore
    • LSM1105 Evolutionary Biology (contact Prof. Antónia Monteiro – antonia.monteiro@nus.edu.sg)
    • LSM3258 Comparative Botany (contact Prof. Hugh Tan – hughtan@nus.edu.sg)
    • LSM3265 Entomology (contact Dr John Ascher – dbsajs@nus.edu.sg)
    • LSM4255 Methods in Mathematical Biology (contact Dr Ryan Chisholm- ryan.chis@gmail.com)

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted and interviewed. If there are any queries, please feel free to email Xu Weiting (dbsxuwt@nus.edu.sg) or Cai Hongxia (dbscaih@nus.edu.sg). To sign up, please fill in the form here by 02 Jul 2017:  http://tinyurl.com/biodta-sem1

LSM1301 General Biology (EVB section) – Lectures are on Tuesday and Wednesday (Weeks 7 – 12), 2pm – 6pm (only 2 hours needed to be present, TBC); total 12 hours + 2 marking TAs required, 18-30 hours per assignment

  • Assist students at group-level during in-lecture online quizzes
  • Clarification of learning concepts
  • Provide simple technical help
  • Assignment marking (~350 students)

LSM2251 Ecology and the Environment– odd week Mondays, 2pm-6pm; six practicals, two Saturday mornings field trips, up to 40 hours

  • Field Trip prep, Extinction Game (Facilitation)
  • Terrestrial and aquatic field trips
  • Pulau Ubin (Sat morning)
  • Ecological Scenarios
  • Report and short assignment marking

LSM2252 Biodiversity – Practicals are on Friday, 2pm – 6pm; seven practicals, one tutorial and practical exam, up to 40 hours

  • Visits to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
  • Kent Ridge practical
  • Plant Diversity
  • Animal Diversity – invertebrates & vertebrates
  • Changi beach practical
  • Essay marking

LSM3254 Ecology of Aquatic Environments – odd week Tuesday, 2pm-6pm; 27 hours (20 hours teaching + 7 hours marking)

  • Aquatic biodiversity (Freshwater and Marine specimens): lab practical
  • Freshwater Biomonitoring (Session 1 of 2): Field trip to local stream for data/specimen collection;
  • Freshwater Biomonitoring (Session 2 of 2): Sorting of field samples
  • Marine Plankton sampling: field trip followed by lab practical
  • Underwater World field trip
  • Report Marking & Feedback

GEM1536/GET1021 Darwin and Evolution

  • Invigilation (2 hours) – Date to be confirmed

SSS1207/GES1021 Natural Heritage of Singapore

  • Marking of posters (30 hours) – Nov 2017
  • Invigilation (2 hours) – 04 Oct 2017, Wed

LSM1105 Evolutionary Biology – Mondays and Thursdays 10-11:45 am, up to 36 hours per TA (four TAs needed)

TA’s responsibilities include:

  • Attending lecture twice a week
  • Writing 6 multiple-choice questions before each class on the material to be covered that day
  • Meeting with students to answer their questions throughout the semester
  • Suggest multiple-choice questions for the mid-term and final exam

If interested, contact Antonia Monteiro (antonia.monteiro@nus.edu.sg)

LSM3258 Comparative Botany – practicals and tutorials, 2 – 6pm, 24 Aug, 7 & 21 Sep, 12 & 26 Oct, 9 Nov 2017

  • Lecturers are: Assoc. Prof. Hugh Tan and Dr. Amy Choong (If there are any queries, please contact Prof. Tan.
  • PTTAs need to have at least undergraduate knowledge of plant physiology (photosynthesis, plant-water relations, respiration, plant interactions) and angiosperm morphology (stem, leaf, root, flower, fruit, seed) and anatomy (leaf, stem, root)
  • Duties include:
    • Demonstration during lab practicals
    • Marking one mini-project report, one essay, and one poster
    • Leading a group for the field trip practical (last practical) in Botanic Gardens
    • Briefings will be carried out one hour before the commencement of the laboratory practicals (Practicals 1 to 3), and a separate meeting time for Practicals 4 and 5. A reconnaissance trip will be carried out for the field trip practical (Practical 6)
    • Tutorials will be conducted by the lecturers themselves

LSM3265 Entomology – practicals are even weeks on Tuesday, 2pm – 6pm; six practicals (of which two are field trips), up to 50 hours. (only one TA needed)
Include assisting Module Coordinator and one additional TA with:

  • Visit to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
  • Field trips to Kent Ridge Park and Holland Woods
  • Insect morphology practical
  • Insect mounting, curation, and identification
  • Review of completed collections before grading

LSM4255 Methods in Mathematical Biology – The practicals are on Fridays from 4pm until 6pm, 26 hours (one new TA needed)

TA’s responsibilities and requirements include:

  • The new TA will, in conjunction with a senior TA, be responsible for grading of assignments, grading of mid-terms, and assistance in practical sessions in the computer lab. The senior TA will help to train the new TA.
  • The TA should be familiar with the programming language R and with basic concepts in mathematical biology, e.g., differential equations and matrices. Ideally the TA will have taken my course or a similar course in the past.

If interested, contact Ryan Chisholm (ryan.chis@gmail.com)

For all modules, TAs are expected to be:

  • Competent in written and spoken English
  • Read up related materials beforehand and come prepared for all classes
  • Punctual for briefings and practical sessions
  • Be passionate about teaching