Women in Science

Nalini (EvoLab), Joelle (EcoLab) and Karen (MarBio Lab) will be featured in the March 2008 issue of Her World Magazine.

Nalini’s having her photoshoot in the insectary now! [posted during the shoot]

Check Evolab door for more details (we WILL paste the entire issue of Her World on the door).


Teaching awards for Biodiversity T. A.s

Teaching Assistants Nalini Puniamoorthy, Ng Ngan Kee and Zeehan Jaafar receive their teaching awards at the Faculty of Science Faculty Awards 2008 ceremony last week.

Congratulations to the three TAs for maintaining their high standard of undergraduate teaching!

Also receiving honours from the Faculty of Science (FOS) were Li Daiqin for the FOS Outstanding Scientist Award 2007 and Rudolf Meier for the Faculty Teaching Excellence Award 2006/07