Modules & Links

List of all Biodiversity lecturers (officially the Ecology, Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences (EEB) faculty) [link]

Courses we teach in NUS
Undergraduate Modules
For non-Life Science students
LSM1301 General Biology (bridging module to enter Life Science course)
LSM1303 Animal Behaviour
SSS1207/GES1021 Natural Heritage of Singapore
GEM1536/GET1020 Darwin and Evolution
ULS2202 Evolution (University Scholars Program)
ULS2204 Biodiversity and Conservation (University Scholars Program)

For Life Science students
LSM1105 Evolutionary biology
LSM1104 General Physiology

LSM2251 Ecology and Environment
LSM2252 Biodiversity

LSM3252 Evolution and Comparative Genomics
LSM3254 Ecology of Aquatic Environments
LSM3255 Ecology of Terrestrial Environments
LSM3256 Tropical Horticulture
LSM3257 Quantitative Methods in Ecological Research
LSM3258 Comparative Botany
LSM3259 Fungal Biology
LSM3262 Environmental Animal Physiology
LSM3263 Field Studies in Neotropical Ecosystems
LSM3265 Entomology
LSM3266 Avian Biology and Evolution
LSM3267 Behavioural Biology
LSM3272 Global Change Biology
LSM3267 Animal Communications and Sensory Ecology
SP3203 Aquatic Ecology Research (for Aquatic Minor only)

LSM4254 Principles of Taxonomy and Systematics
LSM4255 Methods in Mathematical Biology
LSM4257 Aquatic Vertebrate Diversity
LSM4261 Marine Biology
LSM4262 Tropical Conservation Biology
LSM4263 Field Studies in Biodiversity
LSM4264 Freshwater Biology
LSM4265 Urban Ecology
LSM4266 Aquatic Biodiversity

Graduate Modules
BL5210 Biogeography
BL5218 Directed Studies in Conservation
BL5219 Field Study Techniques
BL5227B Evolution of Development
BL5233 Modeling in Environmental Biology with R
BL5234 Theoretical Biology

Biodiversity Lab Links

    • Applied Plant Ecology – link
    • Avian Evolution Lab – link
    • Ecological Modelling and Economics – link
    • Evolutionary Biology – link
    • Evolutionary Developmental Biology – link
    • Freshwater and Invasion Biology Lab – link
    • Insect Diversity Lab


  • Marine Biology – link
  • Otterman Holt – link
  • Reef Ecology Lab – link
  • Systematics & Ecology – link
  • Theoretical Ecology and Modelling – link

FoS Links

NUS Links


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