TA Recruitment Semester 2

TAs are invited to apply for part-time teaching positions in the following modules for AY 2016/17 Semester 2:

  • LSM2251 Ecology and the Environment
  • LSM1303 Animal Behaviour
  • SSS1207 Natural Heritage of Singapore
  • GEM1536 Darwin and Evolution
  • LSM3259 Fungal Biology (contact Dr Amy Choong – dbscmfa@nus.edu.sg)
  • LSM1105 Evolutionary Biology (contact Dr John Ascher – dbsajs@nus.edu.sg & Dr Huang Danwei – huangdanwei@nus.edu.sg, pls CC both)
  • LSM3255 Ecology of Terrestrial Environments (contact Dr Edward Webb – edwardlwebb@gmail.com)
  • LSM4256 Evo-Devo (contact Prof Antónia Monteiro – antonia.monteiro@nus.edu.sg)

To sign up, please fill in the form here by 26 Dec 2016:  https://tinyurl.com/ptta-dec2016

LSM2251 Ecology and the Environment– odd week Thursdays, 2pm-6pm; Saturday morning field trip & one symposium; TAs will need to grade reports, total 30-34 hours

  • Maps/Google Earth
  • Field Trip prep, Extinction Game (Facilitation)
  • Pulau Ubin (Sat morning)
  • Terrestrial & aquatic field trips

LSM1303 Animal Behaviour – even week Mondays, 10am – 2pm; 24 hours

  • Research Methods (Ethology), Project Proposal & Risk Assessment
  • Elevator Pitch & Consultation
  • Project Critique Review (video) & Feedback
  • Symposia Oral Examination (abstract and Q&A)

SSS1207 Natural Heritage of Singapore

  • Marking (20 hours) – April 2017
  • Invigilation (2 hours) – 02 March 2017, 4.00 – 6.00pm

GEM1536 Darwin and Evolution

  • Invigilation (2 hours)

LSM3259 Fungal Biology – odd week Fridays, 2pm – 6pm, total 25 – 26 hours, 16 hours of practical/tutorials, 1-2 hours for practical exam invigilation & 8 hours of marking. As this is an introductory mycology module, PTTAs need to have some background in mycology (preferred) but if not, they must be willing to learn about fungi. PTTAs also need to be consistent in marking assignments and midterm test. The PTTAs’ duties include:

  • How to use microscopes & measurement of spore sizes
  • Detect fungi from the environment
  • Fungal pathogens of plants
  • Field trip to Venus Drive/Admiralty Park
  • Practical exam invigilation
  • Marking of assignments & midterm test

If interested, please email Dr Amy Choong, the module coordinator, directly at dbscmfa@nus.edu.sg.

LSM1105 Evolutionary Biology – Mondays & Thursday lectures, 10am – 12pm, LT32 (9 Jan – 13 Apr 2017). Additional preparation and consultation hours are flexible. PTTAs need to have at least undergraduate level evolutionary biology background. The responsibilities of a PTTA include:

  • Attend 20 of the 24 lectures (20 x 1.5 hours = 30 hours) with post-lecture consultation (20 x 0.5 hours = 10 hours). During the lecture, the TA will prepare draft questions on the topics presented.
  • Organise & conduct group consultation (10 x 1 hours = 10 hours). Timing flexible.

If interested, please email module coordinators, Dr John Ascher – dbsajs@nus.edu.sg & Dr Huang Danwei – huangdanwei@nus.edu.sg, pls CC both).

LSM3255 Ecology of Terrestrial Environments – Two TAs required, 16h (field) + 25h (grading). PTTAs are required to 1) guide students through the field tutorial, providing examples of what is explained in the field work guide and 2) grading lab practicals. PTTAs should possess a basic knowledge of ecology. There are five practicals:

  1. Practical 1 – in lab (no field trip)
  2. Pratical 2 – Kent Ridge, herbivory of trees
  3. Practical 3 – Kent Ridge: Scavenging by ants
  4. Practical 4 – Pasir Ris: Mangrove surveys
  5. Practical 5 – MacRitchie: Invasive species surveys

Please contact Dr Edward Webb – edwardlwebb@gmail.com for more details and to sign up for PTTA positions.

LSM4256 Evo-Devo – PTTA will be require to attend class (4 hours/week). He/she will also be required to meet with students outside of class time. PTTAs are required to have training in either developmental biology or evolutionary biology. Training in both will be given preference. Responsibilities include:

  • giving students feedback about their grant proposals
  • help students design their individual studies on the evolution of novel traits
  • grading two discussion questions that are required per class

For interested graduate students, please contact Prof Antónia Monteiro – antonia.monteiro@nus.edu.sg.

For all modules, TAs are expected to be:

  • Competent in written and spoken English
  • Read up related materials beforehand and come prepared for all classes
  • Punctual for briefings and practical sessions
  • Be passionate about teaching

To sign up, please fill in the form here by 26 Dec 2016: https://tinyurl.com/ptta-dec2016

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