Finally – custom print textbook + e-book bundle for LSM1103 Biodiversity!

I started talking to text book publishers a few months ago and was really happy to be able to send out his email to incoming students in the LSM1103 Biodiversity module. Publishers are working hard to get the custom print + ebook option in the NUS Science Co-Op by mid-August.

I’m also getting the tingles because the start of semester is almost upon us!

“Dear students,

welcome to NUS!

I am happy to alert you about a new option regarding your textbook for this module. Students use either Solomon, Berg & Martin’s Biology (9th Edition) or Reece et al.’s Campbell Biology (9th Edition) for the chapters on microbiology, botany and zoology, which are found in Part V of these large texts.

For the first time, we have arranged the following with publishers:

  • A bundle of just Section Five of the text book in black and white.
  • The e-book of the entire publication (all sections) in colour valid for a year.

This means a much lighter textbook which comes with the entire e-book, at almost half the original cost of the book. This option will be available at the NUS Science Co-Op once the semester begins. Students in the module will be alerted by email once the publishers deliver this new stock.

You decide which option you prefer. The Co-Op is currently stocked with the original, complete textbooks in full colour.

If you have queries, ask us at the lecture!

See you on Tuesday, 13th August 2013: 4.00pm at LT25.




NUS Commencement – Life Sciences graduates receive their scrolls!

Monday 15th July 2013 was the Life Sciences Commencement, a happy day!

Our Life Sciences grads were groovy – they took photos with their own cameras, shook hands with and hugged some academic staff and the NUS President enroute to receiving their scrolls, striking the “Live Longer and Prosper” Star Trek greeting, pushups on the railing to strike a bodybuilder pose, taking a photo of the audience, cheering their friends and whooping to the audience and the valedictorian for the Biodiversity Crew rendering a wonderful speech fort the cohort!

All the best for the journey ahead of them!

My apologies for the over-exposure of my face! But you can see how cheery I was despite wearing a tie. So send me your photos especially if you took lab photos. I lost track of them on Facebook.

Finally wearing a tie – once a year, can lah.
With Amy Choong, my BSc classmate (ours was at Kallang Theatre)
2013-07-15 14.43.27

Academic train awaiting entry, time to goof off before we get serious!
L Roman Carrasco, David Bickford, Sanjay Swarup

2013-07-15 14.54.40

2013-07-15 14.55.54

2013-07-15 17.05.13

Liu Shan Shan and Otterman, photobombed by David Bickford
2013-07-15 17.58.08

Valedictorian Soh Yi Hui who did a truly great job.
I hope to get first years to listen to her speech.
2013-07-15 18.28.55

Presenting Dr Karenne Tun, one of the authors of the Singapore Blue Plan
2013-07-15 18.03.30

Dr Chong Kwek Yan, urban ecologist
2013-07-15 18.07.46

Drs Keven Ang and Lim Wei Ling, who also ran NUS Cat Cafe as research students!
2013-07-15 17.46.20

Otterman’s honours students! (Geraldine Yeo, Neo Pei Jun and Chua Jia Yu)
2013-07-15 17.56.02

2013-07-15 18.06.39

More goofing off
2013-07-15 17.57.34

“Live Long and Prosper!”
2013-07-15 18.16.27

Even Rudolf Meier was smiling (needs to work on it though)
2013-07-15 18.09.27

Ang Yu Chen showing his boss (Rudolf Meier, above) how its done.
He’s graduating next year for sure. That’s what his boss says, menacingly!
2013-07-15 18.09.09

Some old farts at commencement, promising to be back next year
to celebrate with graduands (Amy Choong, N. Sivasoth & Cynthia Lee).
2013-07-15 17.21.04

Happy NUS Commencement 2013! (Geraldine Yeo)
2013-07-15 18.06.57

NUS Commencement Jul 2013

Jobs: Research Assistants for “Enhancing Singapore’s Coral Reef Ecosystem in a Green Port” by 16 Aug 2013


A number of Research Assistant positions are available for the second phase of a project “Enhancing Singapore’s Coral Reef Ecosystem in a Green Port” due to begin in early September 2013. The project will be administered by the Tropical Marine Science Institute with Prof. L.M. Chou as the Principal Investigator.

Research activities are intensive during the first four years of this 7 year project and research assistants will be offered a one-year appointment in the first instance with continued employment dependent on performance.

The project focuses on reef restoration and addresses the following research questions: a) Can coral transplantation succeed in a non-coral area? b) How effectively can transplantation enhance a degraded reef, and c) How well can corals at an impacted site survive?

The research assistants will participate actively in all aspects of the project. Field work forms a major component of the project. Salary will be commensurate with academic qualification and research experience. Earliest availability will be taken into consideration.


  1. At least a B.Sc. or B.Sc. (Hons) in biology, ecology or marine biology, life sciences (majoring in environmental biology) or other related fields.
  2. Scuba diving qualification (PADI advanced open water or equivalent)
    • with a minimum of 20 dives
    • have dived within the past 6 months.
  3. Experience in reef restoration work.
  4. Familiar with reef conditions in Singapore.
  5. Good background in basic statistics and statistical software.
  6. IT competency and report writing ability.
  7. Experience with outreach initiatives.

Preference will be given to candidates with a Class 3 driving license and with demonstrated PR skills.

Interested candidates should e-mail an updated curriculum vitae, names of three referees, a statement indicating his/her suitability for the position, and earliest availability to:

Dr. Patrick C. Cabaitan ( by 16th August 2013.

Only the short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Jobs: Marine Biologist, Research Officer @ TMSI Marine Antifouling Research (deadline: 20 Jul 2013)

Marine Antifouling R&D Programme
Tropical Marine Science Institute, NUS


[1] Marine Biologist / Engineer

Job Description

  • The project requires a marine biologist or research engineer interested in investigating the development of marine biofouling under dynamic flow conditions.
  • The successful candidate will assist to design flume channels, and investigate the development of marine growth on antifouling coatings.


  • MSc or PhD degree in biology or materials engineering. Some experience and interest in computational fluid dynamics and/or marine invertebrate biology would be advantageous.
  • Candidates with a good Honours Degree with relevant research experience will also be considered.
  • Strong English writing and verbal skills
  • The successful candidate must be highly motivated, responsible, able to multi-task and a good team player. Good communication skills are necessary as project will entail active interaction with collaborators from different disciplines.
  • The primary job location will be TMSI St John’s Island marine laboratory.

[2] Research Officer / Lab Officer

  • Support marine biofouling and antifouling coatings development projects, for both field and laboratory work. This will include work in a chemical lab.
  • Assist with field work, lab bioassays as well as data management, analyses, and preparation of reports.
  • Assist with housekeeping and maintenance of the program’s research facilities.


  • Diploma or Bachelor’s degree, preferably with modules in Marine Biology and Materials Science or Chemistry.
  • Candidates with a Diploma who have technical or practical experience in marine-related may also be considered for Laboratory Officer positions.
  • The primary job location will be TMSI St John’s Island marine laboratory. Candidates must be able to swim, and be prepared to work outdoors.
  • Note that the work may be physically demanding especially during the warm months of the year.
  • Candidates should be highly motivated, resourceful individuals with good technical skills.
  • Good oral and written English communication skills are necessary as job scope will entail active interaction with academic and industry collaborators.


  • Salary will commensurate with qualifications and experience.
  • The appointment will be for a period of one year and renewable depending upon the candidate’s performance.

Interested candidates are invited to email their detailed resume and cover letter to:

  • Email:
  • Please indicate in the subject heading: “RE: Research Officers/Biofouling”

Deadline for Application:

  • The closing date for applications is 20 July 2013.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted to be interviewed.

Job: Museum Officer position at the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (deadline: 30 Jul 2013)


Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research
Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore
Museum Officer position available

The National University of Singapore Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (becoming the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum from 1 Apr 2014), invites applications for the Museum Officer position.

The successful candidate must be highly motivated, passionate about nature and natural history, responsible, reliable, and a good communicator, multi-tasker and team player, as well as have expertise in specific taxa and strong interpersonal skills. Salary and benefits will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Teach at least one 50-hour module for undergraduates of the first (1000-level) to fourth (4000-level) year of the National University of Singapore (see examples in the Undergraduate Curriculum Handbook at pages 1−99), on specific botanical, biological, conservation biology, ecological or zoological topics not already covered above, or teach the GEK1515 Environmental Biology module as described.
  2. Perform service for the museum, which may include curation of specific taxa, outreach, fund raising, research management, environmental impact assessment consultancies, etc.
  3. Have a viable research programme on Southeast Asian biodiversity.


  1. Singapore citizenship or Singapore permanent residency (PR) preferred.
  2. MSc or PhD degree in biology, botany, conservation biology, ecology or zoology.
  3. Strong English writing and verbal skills.
  4. Singapore class 3 driving licence preferred.
  5. Documented experience in two or more of these fields in each of these two categories:
    • Subject expertise: Biology, botany, conservation biology, ecology, systematics, zoology.
    • Work experience: Environmental impact assessment, fund raising, conference or workshop organization, museum curation and administration, editing, education programme development, research management or administration.
  6. Documented ability to multi-task and work well in a team.

Documentation Required
Candidates are required to email the following:

  1. covering email letter;
  2. application form;
  3. up-to-date curriculum vitae and
  4. names of two referees to the address below.

Ms Greasi Simon
Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research
National University of Singapore

Deadline for Application
The closing date for applications is 30 Jul 2013. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted to be interviewed.