Prof Dennis Hugh “Paddy” Murphy, beloved teacher, mentor and friend, R. I. P. – Share your lovely memories of him with us!

Prof “Paddy” Murphy RIP

Prof “Paddy” Murphy passed away peacefully on the afternoon of Saturday 7th November 2020. He was 89.

We announced his passing on the NUS Biodiversity Crew Facebook page the same day, and his family and his kakis at NUS have placed an obituary in The Straits Times tomorrow, in the hope of informing his many friends and students from over the decades. 

Share your memories with the family and the community

He has endowed a rich legacy on all of us and triggered fond recollections by students from over half a century! We invite you to share your stories of him with all of us at this form . We will post our collective memories here and share them with biologists and naturalists past and present!  

Paddy Murphy RIP orbituary

Kakis of D H Murphy at NUS


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