Remembering Dr Ong Bee Lian with the “Dr Ong Bee Lian – Department of Biological Sciences (DBS) Bursary Award” (raising funds by 15th Mar 2019)

OBL memorial photoWhen we shared the passing of Dr Ong Bee Lian, former students from over three decades at NUS shared their memories of her inspiring figure, her days in lectures and practicals, and strikingly, her nurturing mentorship and kindness in her various roles as lecturer, administrator, mentor and friend [link].

Now, I am happy to share that Friends of Dr Ong Bee Lian at the Department of Biological Sciences (DBS) & Food Science and Technology Programme (FST), NUS have announced the initiation of a bursary in her name, and invite contributions very fittingly to help needy students in DBS & FST.

Their deadline is 15 Mar 2019.

“The Department of Biological Sciences together with Food Science and Technology Programme are initiating a bursary award for the late Dr Ong Bee Lian. Dr Ong was an exemplary and dedicated educator who was passionate about teaching. She was well liked by all her students, friends and colleagues at DBS as well as FST. She was always caring and constantly instilled enthusiasm for life in others. Her demise was sorely felt by many, though her strength of character and dynamic personality continues to be an inspiration to us all. In remembrance of her, whom we have missed dearly, we hope to name an award after her.

The bursary award will be named “Dr Ong Bee Lian – Department of Biological Sciences (DBS) Bursary Award”.

Please refer to the Appeal Letter for further details: [link]

If you wish to make a donation, please fill up the Gift Form: [link].

You can send the gift form by mail or email to Ms Lee Chooi Lan, Mrs Ang or Ms Sally Soh (email addresses are listed in the Appeal Letter). We hope to receive the funds by 15 March 2019 to qualify for the matching fund claim.

The sum we are trying to raise is only $25K. All donations are eligible for 2.5 times tax exemption.

Every amount makes a difference and it would be greatly appreciated. We look forward to your kind support and generosity to make this possible.

Please help to disseminate this message to friends who may be interested to know more about this worthy cause.

Feel free to contact Chooi Lan, Mrs Ang or Sally if you need clarification.”


Conservation job vacancy: Asian Species Action Partnership Coordinator (apply by 28 Feb 2019)

“ASAP is an inter-institutional Partnership convened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Species Survival Commission (SSC), which focuses attention on a region that, without more serious conservation intervention, will see the demise of much of its unique diversity. ASAP was established to address the extinction risk among the most threatened land and freshwater vertebrates of Southeast Asia.

We are seeking a self-driven and motivated individual to support the ASAP Partnership. The successful candidate will be passionate about and committed to conservation, flexible and with personal drive and initiative. They will be expected to have knowledge and understanding of conservation issues in Southeast Asia, and enthusiasm for conserving species, building capacity, and engaging with diverse stakeholders across the global conservation community. They will need excellent communication and relationship skills.”

For more details, visit the ASAP webpage.