Registration for LSM4263 Field Studies in Biodiversity

Announced on the NUS Life Science Programme page:

“11 March 2009

LSM4263 Field Studies in Biodiversity, AY2008/09 (Special Term – Part 2).
To all Life Sciences (Biology Concentration) students interested in reading LSM4263 – Field Studies in Biodiversity; registration is open from 12th March to 30th May 2008.

Only students who will be continuing on into their Honours year in AY2009-10, concentrating in Biology and with a CAP of 3.5 or above, are qualified to apply. There is a limit on the class-size for this module.

This is a 4MC module that will be conducted in Semester IV, AY2008-09. The detailed timetable will be announced later. Please note that this module will run from June 29 onwards (for 6 weeks).

To register, please fill in this form:

The list of successful applicants will be announced after the Semester II exam results are released.

Best wishes,
Life Sciences Undergraduate Program Committee?

Since all the names, matric and email data go to Sally, I went over to the office to set up a Google Form for her. It’s her first form and when she comes in on Monday, she will find a bunch of email alerts – the third years are already signing up!


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