Job for fresh grad (9-months; immediate): seagrass/mangrove surveys and experiments!

Vacancy for SGUnited Traineeship (9 months) @ St John’s Island National Marine Lab 

Research Apprenticeship (STEM) in Marine Science

We have one position available for interested candidate who is able to start in early August. 

This traineeship focuses on emerging Blue Carbon Research in the Marine Science Research and Development Program. (MSRDP) Program. Blue carbon refers to the carbon stored in coastal and marine ecosystems such as mangroves and seagrasses. The trainee will assist in research related to marine science and blue carbon research. These will include ecological studies of coastal ecosystems around Singapore such as seagrass communities.  The traineeship may include short industrial attachments to learn about environment management. 


  1. Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Environmental Science, or related field (Class of 2019/2020).  
  2. Proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel 
  3. Effective oral and written management communication skills
  4. Preferably some experience in field work, GIS, mapping techniques and statistics.  

Learning Plan:

  1. Project planning, management and sampling
  2. Data collection, handling and reporting in marine science research. 
  3. Articulation of various aspects of marine science research and relevance to Singapore

If you are interested to be considered for the traineeship, please send your CV to Dr Ow Yanxiang ( by Sat 1 August 2020 (ASAP).

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